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"Very good"  * * * * * 


by MarkFlem77

~"A really fascinating look of our human civilization through the eyes of someone who traveled to over 60 countries. I have to say, I got a big urge to travel after reading this book, and just getting the taste of various different countries, people, systems and historical wonders has really been amazing to read. It was a really inspiring book. Highly recommended."


"Wonderful read"   * * * * *  


by HDSL family

~"As a traveler, I found this book to be a wonderful read. If you ever wanted to be an adventurer but just couldn’t, this book is a must! Excitement, strange lands and all sort of people talking loud on every page. I wonder how many would love to live this lifestyle but couldn't even imagine doing it...???"


"The journey of a lifetime!"  * * * * *  


by SaraH.36

~"This is not a book to be read in a rush. This is the author’s own story, consider it a journey to be enjoyed, to be savored page by page. Adam’s adventures speak for themselves: always interesting, sometimes educational and often downright exciting! This is a great book for anyone who loves to really live life outside the box. I can't wait for the sequel!"



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welchdesign * * * * * 

Posted January 19, 2015


~“…ravished my mind and transported me…”
"A book with a mind-gripping experience I have never imagined reading. The World At Large has given me a new insight of the diversities that can surround one’s life. The story ravished my mind and transported me into the author’s world where it were as if I could relate to, feel, understand and experience what was taking place in each page. The use of words, plot and everything about this story was indeed fascinating, profound and adventurous. I have learnt so much including how to maneuver my own life’s encounters while being true to myself. I loved it!"


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"Excellent book!" * * * * * 

By helenballardi on January 11, 2015


~"A very good book for read. When I search for new books to read, I always try to pay heed to find a unique story or amazing writing and compelling characters. The characters are amazing and fascinating, every bit as much…The author has many moments of cleverness in the book. highly recommend it!"



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By Richard Welch * * * * * 

Jan 19, 2015


~"Genuine human strength! What a difference it can be when one gets to learn of another’s life’s experiences and how to overcome challenges, enjoy happiness and so on! This is exactly what this book as done for me. Undoubtedly, I was awe-struck by the different scenes illustrated in each individual experience. The stories are so real and easy to relate to. Adam Mehaffey demonstrated actual and genuine human strength which is priceless. What a great job he has done with this book! I truly recommend this awesome book to everyone."